The Mineral department as a key department in the Ministry is charged with the following functions:-

  1. Supervision of activities of mineral industries operating in the state.
  2. Advising the state government on matters relating to mineral development.
  3. Increasing the IGR of the state.
  4. Conducting workshops and seminars for operators in mineral industry in the state.


The following programmes have been done in the ministry:

  1. Resolution of dispute among investors and host communities.
  2. Attracting investors/ registration of investors’ presence in the state.
  3. Supervision of mineral deposits.
  4. Collection of development levies from quarries in the state.
S/N Name of Industry Location
1 Seamans Quarry Co. Ltd Ngbo
2 Con rock Nig. Ltd Amasiri
3 Umuoghara Quarry Ezza North
4 Enerco Industry Ngbo
5 Santoka Rock Ngbo
6 Crush Stone Amasiri
7 Marlum Construction Company Akpuoah
8 Julius Berger Akpuoah
9 Setraco Amasiri
10 Crush Rock Ishiagu
11 Airen Company Amofia ngbo
12 Ezzainyimagu Stone Pit Izzi
13 RCF Construction Ngbo
14 SG Quarry Ngbo
15 CCC Nig. Ltd Ngbo
16 Ndibe Beach Afikpo
17 Yitel Quarry Nig. Ltd Ishiagu
18 Paul B. Ngbo
19 Okposi Umuoghara/Echiaba Pit Ezza North
20 Green Field Ishiagu
21 Mac Daniels Ngbo
22 Stone Pile Ltd Ngbo
23 Book mining Nig. Ltd Izzi
24 PRO ROX Nig. Ltd Ngbo
25 James Js & Co. Quarry Ishiagu
26 Law Pet Global Ngbo
27 Uwanna Beach Afikpo
28 Afikpo South Sand Edda
29 Jidech Mining Co. Ltd Izzi
30 Jian ziang Quarry Company Eillo
31 LOC metal Nig. Ltd Ishiagu
32 Universal Crushing Industry Ngbo