Ministry of Environment believes that "cleanliness is next to godliness and a healthy nation is a wealthy nation".

In view of this, the Ministry has ensured the proper waste and environmental management by providing sanitation disposal of all types of waste for the preservation of our environment. This has impacts on the lives of the citizenry in diverse ways.

This includes:

  1. Enhanced Public Health and Environmental Protection and Sustainability.
  2. Maintenance of aestheticism of the State Capital.
  3. Control of pollution and industrial wastes to prevent outbreak of disease.
  4. Control of erosion and preservation of our natural eco-system.
  5. Prevention of our flooding.
  6. Enhances Soil fertility and provides organic fertilizers that are environmental friendly.
  7. Reduces the level of environmental pollution, degradation and depletion of natural resources.
  8. Create employment opportunities for the teaming unemployed youths.
  9. Pave way for an Integrated Waste Management Solution and
  10. Public – Private Partnership arrangement in the effective management of waste in the state.

All these are made possible through the procurement and construction of integrated solid waste management system (re-cycling plant for converting refuse to organic fertilizer, land fill etc) by the new administration.

The Present Administration has direct intervention in Design and Survey of selected Soil Erosion and Flood Mitigation Measures (Engineering/Biological) including the State Counterpart to World Bank Project (NEWMAP).