• The Governor of Ebonyi State, His Excellency, Engr. Dr. David Nweze Umahi (FNSE, FNATE) innovatively and needfully established the Ministry of Grants and Donor agencies including a recent assignment of coordinating the Primary Health Care Delivery System in the State.


MOGDA is to make Ebonyi State, a haven, a destination hub for both existing and intending Development Partners to attain their respective Mandates timely and freely while complementing directly the priority areas of the policy thrusts of the state Government without the State becoming Donor Dependent.


The MOGDA is an effective liaison between the Government of Ebonyi State all the Development Partners in the state with a feedback Mechanism.

MOGDA actively promotes all the favourable working environment and relationship of the State Government and Development Partners; notably, Robust Political will, Zero Political Interference, Government Involvement, Participation and Ownership of Donor Supported Programme in line with State Government Development Policies, needs & Budgets.

                        While celebrating existing Development Partners MOGDA is solidly committed to Grants Application, search for more Partners’ Technical support & programmes.

The MOGDA, therefore, centrally coordinates the operational framework of all Development Partners in the state with a view to ensure mainstreamed activities, Zero Duplication but enhanced excellence in Performance of partners assisted Programme.

MOGDA is the “Focal Person” supervising all World Bank supported Projects/Programmes for excellent Performance.

                        While promoting State Government Policy thrusts, the Ministry seeks and welcomes all intending Development Partners in all sectors; Agric Health Education, Human Capital Development, Socio-Economic Empowerment and Infrastructure Development etc.


Ebonyi State as a Young State whose basic needs of the People and the Government are both essential & a priority. These basic needs of the masses are plural but relying on the singular Revenue Base of the Government which cannot buy or satisfy all the demands at the same time despite the Passion of the Good Governance to provide them.   

                        Therefore, the existing intervention Supports of IDA-International Development Associations & Development Partners, becomes complementary Relief, an appreciable privilege to augment desired rapid development especially in Ebonyi State Graced with a fast growing economy, rich mineral and human resources and a robust Political Will of the Power.



Ebonyi State has :-

  1. Good Governance with Robust Political will
  2. Rich mineral Resources Deposits – limestone, lead, zinc, salt etc   
  3. Favorable environment and safe partnership – ppp
  4. One of the safest states in Nigeria
  5. The EBSUTH – Uburu, is a global Centre of Excellence and a reference centre for Medical Tourism
  6. Global Centre for Renal/kidney Medicine, cardiac Care & Transplant, Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine, Peadiatrics, Obs & Gynae, Modern Diagnostic and Laboratory Services.   
  7. EBSUTH – Uburu is in a conducive location with interconnecting, Road/Rail Network - intra-state, inter-states eg Abia, Imo, Enugu, Cross River –Calabar, Obudu.
  8. Attractions -  Ebonyi International Air Port, Dubai – model shopping plaza, Margret Umahi International market. Trans-Sahara Route, Ecumenical Centres, proposed intracity railway systems: Air Port – Capital City, Air Port – EBSUTH Uburu.
  9. Great Ease of Doing Business