To build and consolidate on the peace and Godly foundations laid by past and present leaders of Ebonyi State, committed to the ideals of the founding fathers of the State; and to pursue an integrated policy of economic development and transformation anchored on agro-industrialization, aggressive prospection/exploitation of the rich mineral deposits of Ebonyi State, to make the state a tourist destination and a haven for investors through a balanced and vibrant economy; and provide effective leadership and benign political governance that will ultimately lead to significant improvements in the standard of living for all Ebonyians.


My great people of Ebonyi State, it is for this reason of taking Ebonyi State to the next level that I most humbly offer myself for service as Governor, and in this regard, I pledge my commitment to work for you and with you to realize the Ebonyi of our dream, which will have credible, transparent and accountable governance as its sign-posts.
Specifically, the Ebonyi of our dream is that where:

  • Peace, brotherliness, God’s love and equity prevails;
  • Education, indeed high quality education, is accessible to all – an education that produces young, skilled, talented and confident people that provide the engine for our growth and development;
  • Adequate and quality health care is available to all – a health care system that gives our people good health, happy, long and productive life;
  • High quality and functional infrastructure and social amenities(including roads, electricity, water and sanitation) power the wheels of our social and economic life;
  • A clean, healthy and safe environment guarantees that we nurture a sustainable future for ourselves and our unborn generations;
  • Security of lives and properties is guaranteed - such that our citizens and visitors freely engage in their social and economic activities without fear of molestation or intimidation;
  • Open-mindedness, friendship and partnership form the basis of our relationship with the national and international communities, such that Ebonyi benefits from the global wealth of ideas, innovation and prosperity;
  • Above all, to very strongly situate Ebonyi and indeed Ebonyians at the centre of national and international arena, since we have all it takes to play on those stages


Ladies and gentlemen, I dream of an Ebonyi State that will be a land of abundant opportunities, where every man and woman will live life to their fullest potential; a land where citizens’ lives and liberties are safeguarded and properties protected; a land of equity, peace and security where no one is oppressed. I dream of a united Ebonyi where no-one suffers discrimination on account of gender, tongue or creed. I desire a land where every child will have access to qualitative and comprehensive education and where qualitative healthcare is accessible and affordable to all; a land where the fruits of our soil can be harnessed to put food on the table and thereby banish hunger; a land that brims with employment opportunities for our teeming youthful population.

My dream is that we produce men and women who will not be derided as truck-pushers and street-traders in road traffic, but men and women who will be renowned as leaders in all spheres of human endeavour: in politics and government as in the academia, in the arts as in the sciences and technology, in agriculture as in commerce and industry, in sports, culture and entertainment as in religion.

The full manifestation of this dream will be the creation, through our collective effort, of an Ebonyi State where our skilled Youth, like elsewhere, will be the most valuable resource, our citizens are warm and friendly, because they are free from want; where there is social justice and where there is true FREEDOM & PROSPERITY. I see an Ebonyi that will be the Food Basket of Nigeria - providing integrated, full scale agri-business services across the entire value chain, and engaged in the industrial conversion of selected agricultural produce into processed and semi-processed forms; leading the way in green and inclusive growth and wealth generation, e-business and knowledge enterprises; as well as having its fair share of the commanding heights of the economy, (notably Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Mining, Telecommunications, Banking and Finance) and its fair share of Federal Government and Private Sector appointments.
Consequently, ladies and gentlemen, we will see

  • Rapid industrialization and its multiplier effects;
  • Enhanced internally-generated revenue;
  • Generation of sustainable employment, particularly in the private sector;
  • Financial empowerment of citizens leading to a higher quality of life; and
  • A global destination for cultural and eco-tourism and global leisure resort.