The vision of the Ministry is the achievement of an accelerated pace of industrial development down the grass root and the pursuit of sound commercial objectives that will transform the state into one of the best trade zones and investors destination in Nigeria.

To develop bankable policies for stimulation and promotion of Commerce and Industry in the State.


To engender sustainable economic transformation of Ebonyi State, where industrial and commercial sectors will be the prime movers of the economy, through guaranteed and intensified revenue generation.

To plan, improve and drive Ebonyi State policies on Trade Promotion, Commerce and industry.

In line with the vision of His Excellency Engr. Dave Umahi to make Ebonyi a worthy place for living, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has as one of her major functions as the generation of revenues to the state government through the

  1. Registration of business Premises fees.
  2. Haulage fees from quarry Industries in the state.
  3. Fees from registration of Cooperative Societies.
  4. Audit and supervision fees.