Ebonyi State News
Jul 16, 2018
Ebonyi State is richly endowed with enormous deposit of solid minerals and arable land. It is her belief that collaboration with other agencies will produce better results. Countries and Governments that have made notableAnchor achievements have been known to prioritize partnership in their programmes and policies. Ebonyi State Government under the dynamic leadership of His Excellency Chief Engr. David Nweze Umahi has set a world record of revolutionizing development across the state. It must be highlighted that the dwindling resources in the centre makes partnership imperative.
This has been made possible by the flurry of development partners attracted to the state. These partners are supporting Government in urban development and rural life transformation. Because of the effective utilization of the resources, many more international agencies are ready to support.
One can gladly say that the Governor has maximized partnership for the good of the people.
Vision: Robust development in Ebonyi state driven by effective partnership.
The vision of the office is sustainable partnerships driven by sustainable development in Ebonyi State
To attract global and local funding for the development of Ebonyi state.
Celebrating partnerships……..Driving sustainable development
Core values
Innovation               { TIE }
Development and transformation of the state are the priorities of the present administration. In view of the dwindling resources at the center, partnership to drive development becomes imperative. Ebonyi state government is therefore desirous of developing key sectors with the support of development partners.
Sectors for intervention include but not limited to:
Women and Youth
Trade and Commerce
The Department of Donor Agencies, Grants and Loans is a service oriented department under the office of the Governor, charged with the following responsibilities:-
·         Fast-track implementation of government policies and programs through support of the donor agencies to ensure value addition and timely implementation of projects.
Processing counterpart request from state Agencies that are financially assisted by international bodies and federal agencies.
Seek opportunities to attract more donors to the state and Raise funds through multilateral institutions, bilateral donors, international agencies and local funding agencies
Develop contact with all programme managers of government donor funded programmes/ projects in the state
Monitor effective and efficient utilization of funds and implementation of projects executed by state agencies to ensure value for money and ensure deadlines are met.
The office liaises with International Donor Agencies that are yet to establish presence in the state to partner with the state in key areas of development
Reaching out to the Federal Government Agencies to access funds to further finance projects in the state aimed at poverty reduction.
To interface with ministries, departments and agencies receiving donor assistance
Shop for investors and provide foundation for economic mission to improve the economic fortunes of the state
To track and document all donor fund, grants and loans to the state
Develop an inventory of donors/developments partners already working with state governments
My office will serve as a link between the donor partners and the state
Develop a donor database which will be updated as new partners come in
Strive to create a transparent model that will attract donors to development in the state
Provide constant brief to governor on the level of implementation of donor funded projects.
It should be noted that visible progress and quality outcomes from projects will encourage the attraction of more funds to the state
Build traction and see the milestones in the various projects being funded by development partners
Finally, to develop a donor policy so that donor partners will be assured that their money is utilized efficiently. Donor agencies want to be assured of effective utilization of their funds
Initiate and hold advocacy meeting with donor agencies and funding partners for new windows of opportunities, reviews and evaluation strategies.
Training for key staff on how to identify  funding opportunities and write fundable proposals
Organise a Donor round table
Organize an Investment/Economic summit to attract investors to the state
Because the assignment of the office of the SSA is cross-cutting, there is a lot of interface between my office and all the MDAs. Fortunately, there is adequate political will by the state leadership to garner all the support we need to develop Ebonyi State.
At the moment, we have many Donor Agencies operating in the state to support the State Government in achieving sustainable development in all sectors. Some of these agencies include World Bank, UNDP, WHO, EU Prime, Global Fund, ANDP, Bank of Industry, UNICEF, USAID, BudgIT Foundation, DFID-PERL, Federal Government, etc.
The international partners support implementation of life-changing projects in the state. Some of these projects include;
·         Community And Social Development Project, (CSDP)
The Community and Social Development Project, CSDP, is a community-based intervention activity chaperoned by the Ebonyi State Community and Social Development Agency, EB_CSDA. The project development objective of the CSDP is to support in a sustainable manner the empowerment of communities and local government authorities for increased access by poor people to improved social and natural resource. Specifically, the CSDP hopes to empower communities to plan, part-finance, implement, and monitor and maintain socially multi-sectorial micro-projects. It targets social and environmental infrastructure at the community level. They also help to improve service delivery of the local government councils through capacity building.
The project has recorded several achievements in the state, which include but are not limited to;
o   Completion of 49 micro-projects (out of 181 worth N865,445,524) in partnership with the communities under the CSDP_AF, cutting across different sectors and spread across the three geopolitical zones of the state
o   Working in liaison with the State Planning Commission, the Agency has produced state poverty map that has been approved by the state executive council and the World Bank for use by the state Agency.
o   Coordinating with implementing ministries/agencies in ensuring, identifying, monitoring and execution of projects.
o   Acts as a disbursing instrument in the facilitation of community development efforts.
·         NEWMAP
Ebonyi state keyed into the NEWMAP project in 2013, on account of the twin problems of gully erosion and flood. The under listed humble achievements of the project in the state have been due largely to the huge financial contributions of the State government in the form of counterpart payments. This is in line with the rural development policy thrust of His Excellency Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi. The NEWMAP project has made critical contributions in the areas of Civil Works, Livelihood support and Storm-Water Management Master Plan and Channelization Works.
o   Engaging the state government in timely payment of counterpart fund for the projects such as NEWMAP Project
o   247 beneficiaries favoured by the NEWMAP clean store distribution
o   Counterpart fund release of N100 million already made by the present administration
o   Civil work commenced on the Nguzu Edda gully site with design works already completed for four other prioritized sites at Odunukwe, Iyi-Okwu and Ebia River
·         International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
The International Fund for Agricultural Development, IFAD, is a programme for the promotion of value chain in rice and cassava production. It is set to step up domestic food production with the aim of reducing high import bill in the country. Ebonyi state is one of the six participating states, alongside Anambra, Benue, Niger, Ogun and Taraba states, who were selected on the basis of leading productivity in rice and cassava.
The programme objectives incorporate the three components of agricultural market development, smallholder productivity enhancement and program management and coordination targeted at poor rural households engaged in the cassava and rice value chain activities.
Some of the achievements recorded by the IFAD programme are;
o   On-going construction of rural access roads, culverts and bridges to the tune of N576.3 m, with 75% completion already achieved.
o   Training of 770 youths on agro-chemical spraying technologies and 1,065 farmers on improved farming technologies.
·         FADAMA
The FADAMA III-Additional Financing, a World Bank funded project, is a value-chain activity working in the state to scale up domestic food production in the country. It works under the umbrella of, and aligns more closely with the Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA), a food boosting initiative of the Federal Government, to address value chain of rice, cassava, sorghum and tomatoes.
In Ebonyi state, the implementation of FADAMA III-AF project officially commenced on September 14, 2015 with the flagging off of the fund disbursement by His Excellency Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi. Since then, the project implementation has been going on effectively with impressive records in project output and aggregate impact, such as;
o   The rice farming programme in 2015, which saw the project fund 20 business plans through which 300 rice farmers were supported to cultivate 300 hectares of rice farm.
o   The rain-fed rice production programme in 2016 which funded 121 business plans through which 1,815 rice farmers were supported.
o   The dry season rice farm programme in 2017 which supported 1,455 farmers to cultivate 1,455 hectares of rice farm in the dry season areas with perennial water sources. At an average yield of five metric tonnes per hectare, the 2017 dry season rice farming programme contributed 7,275 metric tonnes to the rice output of the state, and invariably injected about N1.5b to the rice economy of the area.
o   The FADAMA III-AF project initiated the construction of an Agricultural Equipment Hiring Enterprise (AEHE) centre in Ebonyi state, which was completed in May 2017. The aim of the AEHE centre is to render affordable and sustainable tractor hiring services and other production inputs-distribution at farm-gate prices to FADAMA farmers.
o   The state FADAMA Coordinating office has also procured market shops in the strategic Urban Plaza market in Abakaliki capital city. The development will help showcase the farmers’ products as well as increase income generation.
Ebonyi State Government is already collaborating with the UN Habitat.
The UN Habitat team has already scheduled to visit Ebonyi State on a scoping Mission in response to our request for technical assistance in the areas of Sustainable urbanization, Urban and Regional planning and participatory Slum upgrading programme in Ebonyi State
o   They UN Habitat will provide comprehensive technical needs assessment studies throughout the state;
o   Develop and articulate sound policies on priority areas of housing and urbanization, urban planning and slums identification and upgrading
o   Set up institutional arrangement as vehicle to drive productive reforms in the thematic areas through improvement in governance indices;
o   And strengthen the capacity of stakeholders through training/retraining, collaborative efforts and partnerships.
o   Review of existing regulatory framework and providing regulation where none is available to guide implementation of the desired change.
o   They will provide facilities and services to upgrade slum, improve town planning and urban settlements through collaboration and partnership.
UNIDO will provide a programme for Ebonyi state in alignment with the new Country Programme, conduct feasibility study and develop master plan for an integrated agro-industrial park.
UNIDO is desirous of completing the ongoing projects, ensuring functionality and entering into new partnership as envisaged by the state. Some partnered ongoing projects includes:
o   3 ton/hr efficient rice milling machine Iboko
o   Cumulative 5MW biomass power plant
o   Her Excellency’s office Entrance Program and expanded Secondary School ICT Programme
o   Industrial development policy
The office of the Donor agencies will liaise between Ebonyi state Government and UNIDO to Develop an ISID
There is an ongoing Partnership engagement with Ediborn International. Ediborn is expected to provide and equip Technical and Vocational Education Training Centers (TVETC) in Technical secondary schools in the state and provide Center of Excellence.
o   The Technological tools for training that will be provided will effectively increase enrolment and performance of pupils.
EBSG and BOI have set up a Business and Development Fund to the tune of ₦4bn for Entrepreneurs operating in Ebonyi State which is dedicated for the provision of access to loan for Entrepreneurs who are engaged in small and medium businesses situated in Ebonyi State. There is also another ₦4bn fund for Civil Servants in Ebonyi State dedicated for the provision of loan to Civil Servants who are engaged in Agriculture, Farming, Animal Husbandry and other Agro Based and related businesses in the value chain in Ebonyi State.
Activities so far carried out include:
o   Sensitization of MSME and Agro-based fund for Civil servants on the rudiments of business and how to access the loan facility.
o   Ebonyi State Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding under the Micro, Small, Medium Scale Enterprise fund for the joint contribution of a matching fund of ₦4bn at 50-50 contributory ratio between BOI and the Ebonyi State Government.
o   There is a provision contribution of ₦4bn at 50-50 contributory ratio between BOI and the Ebonyi State Government for Civil servants.
o   So far, we have received over 300 applications for the Agro-based fund for civil servants
The Executive Governor, His Excellency, Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi has approved 157 businesses on the MSME fund for disbursement to the tune of ₦1,607,524,986
Local Government
Local Government code
No. of Applications Received
No. of Applications verified
No. of Applications Recommended
Afikpo North
Afikpo South
Ezza North
Ezza South
Other States
The partnership proposition from BudgIT Foundation on Open Budgeting system using technology for Ebonyi state has already been. Ebonyi state has partnered with BudgIT in the development of an Open Budget System platform and the implementation of a Public Data Dissemination programme.
o   The project will enhance accountability and stop the under-declaration of revenue that should go into the consolidated revenue fund.
o   The project will make Ebonyi State the champion for a transparent budgeting system
·         Open Government Partnership (OGP)
The Open Government Partnership is a multi-national transparency project designed to ensure openness and accountability in the business of government among participating states. Since November 3rd, 2017 when the state was formally admitted into the programme Ebonyi state Government has been actively in the OGP activities which include:
o   His Excellency the Executive Governor of Ebonyi state indicated interest that Ebonyi state should be part of the Open Government partnership.
o   Hosting of a 3-day Sensitization and Priority setting workshop where Public sector officials and members of Civil Society Organization received training given by the OGP team from Abuja. The training featured sensitization and priority setting.
o   Liaising with the Federal Headquarters OGP Secretariat to provide detailed report of all the activities of the workshop was sent to the OGP Secretariat, Abuja.
o   Coordinate the State Steering committee to develop an action plan for the state progress
o   Ensuring that the state is committed to the OGP programme and is continuing to strengthen relevant structure to achieve transparency and accountability in governance.
o   The state has been active in all national programmes of the OGP
·         Npower
The social investment program Npower works with the state Government for the facilitation of active engagement of volunteers and implementing agencies and ministries.
o   Efforts have resulted in the engagement of 3641 persons in 2016 across the state who have benefitted from the schemes through receiving the Npower electronic devices powered by MTN communication and preselected 7437 persons in 2017.
o   The state has liaised with the federal government on the Npower Teach scheme.
o   Execution of sensitization meetings alongside volunteers and implementing agencies/ministries, this aims at facilitating active engagement of the volunteers.
o   Successfully distributed Npower devices by MTN Communication
·         Home Grown School Feeding Programme. (HGSF)
The Home Grown School Feeding is ongoing in Ebonyi state.
o   Commencement of the home grown school feeding social Investment programme has increased enrolment of students in the state
·         Conditional Cash Transfer Programme (CCT)
It is a programme which aims to give a fixed stipend to residents of identified areas based on a pervert mapping, after meeting specific conditions.
o   Initiations of the conditional cash transfer Social Investment Programme.
o   Efforts has been concluded with the National office to setup the State operation and coordination unit
·         Government Enterprise and Empowerment programme. (GEEP)
Government Enterprise and Empowerment programme alongside with BOI work to ensure that artisans, farmers and small scale industrialists and retailers benefit from all Government Economic Empowerment programmes.
The office of the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Donor Agencies, Grants and Loans and the Focal person on the Social Investment Programmes working as liaison body have over the period of creation impacted strongly in the areas of providing Coordination, harmonization for effective implementation.    
Chief Mrs Ugo Nnachi
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor
Donor Agencies, Grants and Loans
& Focal Person Social Investment programme