The level of unemployment among our youths and women is totally unacceptable. Every year, we graduate thousands of our children who remain unemployed while the poverty level of our mothers in the rural areas is quite disturbing. The truth is that Government is neither a good employer nor can it employ everybody. The fact also remains that through various policies of Government, the future of young people could be secured in their own hands.

Starting from the kind of subjects offered by our youths from primary to higher education, t he future of these children could be shaped to their various destinies. When we build our children, we have built our future and their own future is assured. We shall create various programmes aimed at retraining our youths towards vocational education.

Our administration in partnership with any willing private sector shall open a vocational retraining institution. In this institution, the use of our brain and hands shall be the only subjects. We shall train many our youths and women in the practical methods and techniques of establishing their own small and medium scale enterprises and other services like welding, electrical services, manufacturing, plumbing, iron works, production of spare parts, etc.


To be the Economic Hub of the State through unprecedented empowerment and job creation initiatives.


To Promote economic development through human empowerment driven by entrepreneurship and industrialization.